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Name: BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals
Active ingredient: 10mg BPC-157 Peptide (BPC157) Body Protection Compound.
For faster healing of sports injuries.
BPC 157 provides the ability to treat Crohn’s disease and colitis effectively. BPC-157 is highly anti inflammatory.

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BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals

BPC-157 is a novel peptide that can dramatically accelerate the healing process of injuries (especially sports injuries). In most cases, the injured body can also be fully loaded after the healing, thanks to BPC-157. Even long-term chronic injuries and pain can be effectively treated with BPC-157.

Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals – Possibility to cure sports injuries faster!

Almost every person has already learned from his own body that injuries can be a very unsightly thing. Athletes in particular are often affected by this. One of the most common types of injuries in recreational sports are bruises, sprains and strains, but it can also get worse and injure on a tendon or joint (in particular the ankle is one of the most frequently affected parts of the body). In the worst case, you experience a very painful muscle fiber crack.

Depending on the degree of severity and the individual level of training, an injury can more or less negatively impact the progress achieved in the sport itself. You may be out of action for weeks or months, you can get out of shape and the quality of life can be severely restricted. Often depression can even result. The healing process is often sluggish and in many cases the initial condition is not reached again, so that permanent performance losses can persist.

BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals – The Cure Peptide:

But what if there are now substances that can cause a much faster and more comprehensive healing of an injury? The pentadecapeptide (peptide having a sequence of 15 amino acids) Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals is one of these substances. This is probably the most effective, currently known representative of this class of peptides.

The molecular formula for BPC-157 is C62H98N16O22. The sequence for Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals is Gly-Glu-Pro-Pro-Pro-Gly-Lys-Pro-Ala-Asp-Asp-Ala-Gly-Leu-Val And the molecular mass of BPC-157 is 1419.53552 g / mol. The abbreviation BPC stands for Body Protection Compound.

Several Phase II clinical trials are currently being conducted with Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals. This peptide is probably the next major breakthrough in regenerative medicine in the 21st century. The structure of this peptide is related to the body-borne BPC peptides, which occur in the gastric juice and take various protective and regulatory functions in the digestive system.


Healing of severed muscle fibers and tendons by BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals:

Healing of severed muscle fibers and tendons was accelerated in experimental animals by administration of Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals.

Based on these initially observed effects, Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals was subjected to more detailed studies in experimental animals. In this respect, much more interesting properties of the peptide could be observed. Starting from the participation of the Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals in the new formation of blood vessels, the processes for the formation of the so-called granulation in wounds were investigated more closely.

This is the new tissue and the tiny blood vessels which form during the healing process on the surface of a wound in order to form the basic framework for the regenerative tissue and supply it with nutrients. Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals significantly accelerated the formation of new blood vessels and granulation. Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals possesses strong wound healing properties and supports the rapid new formation of tissue at wounded body sites.

  • In another experiment to evaluate the healing properties of BPC-157 peptides Magnus Pharmaceuticals, the Achilles tendons of rats were severed.
  • The injection of Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals at the site of injury accelerated the new formation of the tendon tissue.
  • The overall survival rate of cells within various wound trauma increased with the administration of Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals.
    Similar accelerated healing properties could also be observed in rats whose quadtriceps were severed.

BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals is applied and dosed:

Of course, human users (especially in the US) are already using the peptide Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals as a novel and effective treatment method for injuries that they have suffered in sports or workplace accidents. The reports on this are very positive.

The injection should be about 1 to 2 cm away from the center of the injured site to allow the peptide to spread across the entire site of the injury.

In the course of the injection, the usual precautions should of course be taken, ie a cleaning of the injection site with an alcoholic beverages cotton pad and the use of a sterile needle, so that from the injection site no infection site becomes. The usual dose is between 200 mcg and 500 mcg of Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals per injection, normally only once a day. For very serious injuries, Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals can also be injected twice a day. The maximum duration of application is approx. 4 weeks. Even before the expiration of this period a marked improvement in the symptoms of injury should be noticed.

When using Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals, no harmful side effects are known; the peptide is completely safe to use. Buy BPC-157 Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals should ideally be stored in a refrigerator, and it is also important that the peptide is not exposed to sunlight. Closed vials with BPC-157 Peptides Magnus Pharmaceuticals are kept in the refrigerator for about 6 months, in the freezer compartment they can be stored safely for several years.

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