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Anabolic Steroids Products from Vermodje quickly gained the attention of athletes who are interested in sports pharmacology, as the price is pretty decent, and the quality, as it turned out, is also at a good level. Reviews of Vermodje steroids of some batches often have a negative assessment, as some drugs “have no effect” or the amount of active ingredient does not conform to the declared. However, it may well be explained by a large number of fakes which flooded the market.
Vermodje Pharmaceutical
- In 2013, a new laboratory was built in accordance with all requirements and GMP standards. Pharmaceutical factory has 4 production lines of sterile ampoules, vials, tablets and capsules. The industrial complex is a two story building with a total area of 835.3 m2 with an adjacent plot of land with total area of 0,258 hectares. In manufacture is used equipment from leading manufacturers such as Carvalho, Zanasi, Uhlmann, Appatebau, Kenwood. Power of installed equipment allows to produce up to 60,000 tablets per hour. Pharmaceutical company staff is selected basing on the availability of the system of vocational education (diploma confirmed), as well as the availability of a specific experience (confirmed by the relevant recommendations and records in employment documents). All employees are aware of the requirements and rules of production, and quality control of medicinal products related to their work. They go through a training, including personal hygiene. List of drugs produced by VERMODJE has dozens of different kinds of optional destination. Among the Vermodje achievements there are several awards from the Ministry of Health of Moldova. Vermodje products: Andover, Naposim, Stanover, Turinover etc. got certificates for the highest quality and effectiveness. Ethyl oleate is used in the injectable esters as a solvent, it removes the pain from the oil injection. It is only a few years since the company appeared on the market of steroids and actively took its place, to some extent, due to good public relations, and of course through a combination of price and quality. Vermodje SRL positions their products as veterinary steroids, but it is only to reduce taxes and simplify the certification of products, and they are no different from those of other manufacturers’ drugs for humans.

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