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Bayer Schering Pharma is a German pharmaceutical concern, founded in 1851 by Ernest Schering.
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Manufacturer progressed from retail pharmacies to the leader of the European and world market of pharmaceuticals. The company has its own research base, specializing in the fields of andrology, gynecology, oncology, diagnostic imaging. Regular research therapies of diseases, the consequence of which is disability. Karma Group is very high, goods are different efficacy and safety. From December 29, 2006, after the acquisition holding company Bayer Schering, it is called Bayer Schering Pharma AG.
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    Product: NebidoManufacturer: BayerQuantity: 1000 mg/4 mlPack: 4 mlSteroid cycle: cutting, bulkingActive substance: Testosterone undecanoate

    86,40 € 96,00 € -10%
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