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    GHRP-6  10mg Peptide

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    GHRP-2 Peptide Magnus PharmaceuticalsActive ingredient: 10mg GHRP-2 Mass Building, Bodybuilding, muscle building, fat reduction, anti-aging. Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide – GHRP 2. Mass Building, Bodybuilding, muscle building, fat reduction, anti-aging, increase of sex drive. Regeneration & recovery of the body, improves energy & vitality, skin...

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    TB500 Thymosine Beta 4 Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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  • 58,00 €

    Ipamorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals PeptideActive ingredient: 5mg Ipamorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals Peptide sexual drive, reduces abdolimal fat- More growth hormone distribution thanks to more targeted effect. Increased sexual drive, protein synthesis & sleep quality. Accelerates wound healing, strengthens the heart and reduces abdominal fat. Improves...

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  • Reference: 5mg (15 iu) / 1ml - 3ml cartridgeProduct name: RASTAN® - PACTAH - Rastan® (45 iu / 45 ME) 15 iu / 1ml - 3ml cartridgeSubstance: Somatropin-Human growth hormone (rHGH)Manufacturer: Pharmstandard (RUS)

    277,00 €
  • 295,00 €

     Humatrope 72i.u. 24mg, Growth hormones

    295,00 €
  • 150,00 €

    Manufacture: Novo Nordisk Quantity: 15 mg/1.5ml Pack: 1 vial Steroid cycle: Growth Hormone Active substance: somatropin

    150,00 €

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